Have you checked your links?

There are so many factors related to improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), today I thought I’d discuss bad or broken links on your website and a really easy way to find them. I find it very frustrating when I’m reading an article, I click on a link to find out more about a particular topic and the link doesn’t work.

When you create content based on statistics related to a specific topic it is always wise to report where you obtained your information to support your claims. But over time these helpful links that you provided within your blog could end up working against your SEO Results when these websites or articles vanish.

How do you remedy this situation? Can you imagine manually clicking on every page of your website and every single link? If you’ve been blogging for years, it could take a tremendous amount of time. It would be much simpler to use a tool like https://deadlinkchecker.com, it will search all your links on your website and give you a report of any link errors. For frequent bloggers, you might have referred to an article in one of your posts many years ago and now that website/article has vanished.

The free version of this tool will allow you to run it for your whole website or just one specific page. I would recommend running this every few months. There are also subscription versions that will allow you to automate the entire process.

It will improve your business image and your overall reliability of your business while helping your SEO.

When was the last time you checked all your links on your website?

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