Is it time for some renovations?

For the many years, there was a vacant house across the road from my home. The owner of that home had died and his heir didn’t want the home, so the house sat empty for many years and it was finally sold last month. The house had become an eye sore in the area. In a very short time the new owners have made tremendous improvements to the exterior of the house. The bushes that had gone wild have been cut back and shaped, the mailbox is fixed, and even the siding has been repaired. The house is a little older than mine but it is a solid home that was built very well but was subjected to years of neglect.

Could the same phrases be used to discuss your website? When you first built it, was it wonderful, but you have gotten busy with other things and now it resembles an abandoned home. Have things become over grown and need weeding? Has your business direction changed and therefore certain elements could be pruned from the website? Have you stopped posting to your blog? Or you might have some really great content but your website is not mobile friendly. All of these ailments are curable.

Does your website need some renovations? Pathway Web Designs would be happy to help you.


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