Westchester Oratorio Society Celebrates 25 Years

I’ve been taking care of the Westchester Oratorio Society(WOS) website for at least 10 years. At first, I took over their existing website and made revisions. Then several years ago I built them a new website in straight Html, Css & Php. But even that website was starting to show its age. Thankfully the old website had a tremendous amount of quality content that it could be easily converted to a new website in WordPress.

As much as I wanted to introduce a tremendous amount of bold colors. I found that they clashed with the many concert posters. I believe it was more important that the Concert Posters Pop, so I went with simple wine accents and a creamy header background.

With every web design, it is important to use the pieces of information that uniquely represent the business and group. Thankfully WOS has a great logo and a few really great photos and many colorful posters to share.

Congratulations WOS on 25 Years of sharing the beauty of Classical Music with the Hudson Valley.

Feel free to visit the website: https://westchesteroratorio.org


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