Kuehn Building & Remodeling

Kuehn Building & Remodeling

Pathway Web Designs was delighted to help Kuehn Building and Remodeling with updates to their website.

They had some issues with their prior web developer, had web hosting issues and had limited access to the website itself. We provided some investigation work and coordinated the transfer of the website to a new web hosting company.

As you progress in your business it is always important that your website keeps up with your recent successes.  We helped them update their website to incorporate the newer work while eliminating the information that was no longer relevant.  They had some spectacular images of their recently completed projects which needed to be added to their website. We add new pages, added a new section for Features Projects, renamed pages and made several revisions to the existing content.  We even incorporated an awesome YouTube Video that highlights the recent Candlewood Lake project from initial plans to completion.

The quality of work on their work is extraordinary and we were happy to help add that amazing work to their website.  See for yourself, visit https://kuehnbuilding.com/.


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