Featured App: Reminders

I’ve decided to start a new segment on my blog, the Featured App. If you were to ask people which apps they like the most, some might respond Facebook, Instagram or even Pinterest. One of my favorite apps is Reminders.

I’m a big fan of making lists, I’ve always functioned that way, I feel it clears my mind to write things down. For work, there are certain tasks I need to do at the beginning of the month or on the 15th of the month or every Tuesday. In my personal life, I might remind myself to call my Aunt or my cousin every so often or check on a friend. Otherwise time passes too quickly and the task never gets done. The Reminders App, allows you to organize the entries in groups, and set a time on that given day. You can make the reminders repeat as often as you like. And most importantly, it stays active in the Today section until you mark it completed, whether it takes you a day or a week to complete it, it stays there.

These images are from my iPhone, there is an equivalent app for Androids.

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