Socks Off Carpet Cleaning

Here’s a new website for Socks Off Carpet Cleaning, located in Poughkeepsie, NY.

The biggest issue for this project was the realignment of the company’s branding. Although they used the same logo, it was in different colors depending on the logo’s location. Plus they had one set of colors on their old website and another set of colors on their truck, business cards and apparel. Your branding needs to be consistent, from the logo on your business cards, to the shirts wore by your team to the van that you drive. They all need to match. This was our opportunity bring all their branding together to produce a cohesive presentation to their clients.

They certainly have a very vibrant logo, but when dealing with such bold colors you have to balance the boldness with an equal amount of calm colors, which I believe we achieved.

For the rest of this website, we took the time to review their content and make the necessary updates to accurately talk about the services they are now providing to their clients.

And as an extra bonus, by changing their web hosting arrangement they are now saving on their annual web hosting costs. We were delighted to help them with this project and improve their overall branding.

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