Always Drive Traffic to your Website

Too many small business owners as they start their business, they set up a Facebook Business Page. It is quick, easy & free. They build a following on Facebook, and totally forget to build a website for their business. I understand, I realize there are many expenses when you start a new business. But this shortcut at the beginning can cost you severely in the long run.

How can people learn about your business if they don’t have a Facebook account? Facebook should not be your only Social Media presence. People are getting more and more frustrated with Facebook and are leaving the platform. With the Facebook outage this week people using their Facebook Business Page as a website were left with nothing. Hopefully that is once in a lifetime event. The financial impact of the 6 hour outage was substantial to businesses of all sizes.

Having a website can show the uniqueness of your business with a custom format that is designed for you and only you. You should not have to tailor your business information to fit into the Facebook format.

My point is not to bash Facebook but to make sure that people have things in the proper order. Facebook is a powerful platform, but it should be part of your overall online presence and not your only online presence.

When the center on your online presence is your website and you train your clients to visit the website routinely. Your website is the major player with any social media accounts feeding traffic to the website.

When you get the client to your website you have less interference from other business, you have their complete attention and that is pure GOLD. Offer give aways to draw them in and keep them coming back.

So please do yourself and your business a huge favor, set up a website, you can start small with a simple one page website and then make it larger as your business grows, but at least start.

Your main Social Media presence should be your website and then all the other Social Media Platforms should be bringing people to your website.


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