New East Fishkill Soccer Club Website

Just in time for the Spring Soccer season starting in April.

Introducing a new website for the East Fishkill Soccer Club. This is a great organization that offers so many soccer related activities for children age 3-19. There are currently over 1400 soccer players registered in this program. The club offers Intramural, Limited Distance Travel, Tournaments and several special programs each year.

The biggest challenge with this project was the volume of information for all the different programs and finding an easy way for the clients to obtain the information they needed. Once I realized people tended to stay within their individual sections of the website, I created a submenu system that would customize the submenus depending on the area of the website the client was visiting. The website is split into different sections to make the information easily accessible and to keep the main menu as easy to navigate as possible.

People interested in the Travel Program see a specialized menu for the Travel program vs. the Intramural people see a menu specifically for Intramural information. This new website offers a much easier solution for the players and their parents to locate the information they need.

The new website contains over 140 pages, 13 menus and 27 posts and many input forms. And one of the more popular features is a specialize button to signal when the fields are open, partially open or completely closed.

Could your favorite youth sports team use a better website? We’d be happy to help.

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