The Most Common Website Mistakes

Technology has made it very easy to build websites, but giving people the tools doesn’t mean that they understand the best way to design a website.

In my opinion, these are the most common website design mistakes:

1. Everything is centered right down the center of the page. It would be better to use the whole page and be careful to watch your balance on the page. If you put too much on one side or the other, the page will be lopsided.

2. Too many colors. There are a great deal of options available but you don’t have to use every single color. Select a color palette that represents the business well. For more on that topic, see last week’s post on Consider the Emotional Impact of Colors.

3. Too many fonts. A selection of a few fonts is wonderful and will help to distinguish different areas. Use them wisely.

4. Things that blink. These absolutely torture me, so I will immediately leave or scroll down to remove the item from my browser window.

5. Poor Images. There are lots of things that can go wrong with images. Make sure they are properly sized, optimized, sharp and have a clear border. Never put one image right next to another without a border or even a few pixels to separate them.

6. Poor organization. I always imagine someone coming to the website who needs to find something in 30 seconds. Will you organize the website well, so they can find anything they need in that amount of time?

7. Unnecessary items. It is great that you figured out how to do that cool thing, but is it relevant to the website?

These are all RED flags that signal Bad Web Designs, I could probably continue with a few more but those are the mistakes I find the most irritating.

As I said, it is absolutely possible to create a website on your own. If you choose to venture out on your own, please spend a little time understanding the art of web design.

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