Featured App: The planefinder App

Over the years, often when sitting on my back deck having dinner in the evenings especially in the summertime, I would look upward to the sky and see the planes soaring high overhead and think… I wonder where they are going? I always imagined, the people on the plane were headed to some amazing destination, maybe going to a tropical island or going to visit family.

And now, I no longer need to wonder, because there is an app for that, specifically the planefinder app.

The planefinder app that will give you a lot of information about the flight. I was actually surprised that it is so easy to find out so much information about the plane, the carrier, the flight number, the departing city, the destination and even the altitude of the aircraft. You can even watch the rest of the flight as it proceeds to the final destination. I’ve been surprised to discover so many planes headed to Washington, DC travel high above Dutchess County.

Next time you are wondering if a family member or friend made it to their destination ok, just look at the planefinder app and you won’t need to wonder.

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