A Little Advice from my Father

My father used to say “Don’t spend your money on something you don’t understand.”

A recent email from a banker about a car loan talked about ACH, I had to google that term. Then an insurance broker this week was talking about POH. I had to ask what that meant. It seems every industry has their own set of jargon, whether they are in banking, insurance or any other profession. It certainly holds true for web developers. There are domain names, web hosting, SSL certificates to name a few. Then there are choices to make related to software, templates, themes and plugins.

So many times people want to build their own websites and that may work perfectly fine if they invest the proper amount of time. But frequently they get to a point where they need to make a selection and they guess the answer. We’ve all done it, no one likes to admit they don’t understand.

Unfortunately, I tend to enter the situation after the wrong decision has been made. I’ve seen so many instances when people have guessed an answer to an important question but they picked the worst choice. I suspect certain web hosting companies do it intentionally so people end up making bad choices and spending much more money than what they really need to spend.

It is one thing if you’re on a game show and you don’t know the answer, ok – you can take a guess. But your website will affect the image of your business to the world, are you willing to risk your business reputation by guessing?

So please do yourself a favor when talking to a web developer or any profession, if you don’t understand the question, ask them to explain it again and again until you understand it.

And don’t spend money on something you don’t understand.


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