My Website Creation Process

As we start off the New Year, I thought it might be good to review my process for Website Creation.

Step 1: The Initial Meeting

Although my preference is to meet face to face with a new client, Zoom works too. During this initial meeting we’ll discuss:
– The purpose of the website
– What you would like the website to accomplish for you.
Then I’ll make suggestions about features that are available and how to incorporate them into the website.
If you have any of your current branding materials, like your logo or printed materials. If you don’t have a logo, we can handle that too.

Step 2: The Proposal

I write up a document with the features that will be included in the website along with the estimated cost of the project.

Step 3: Start the Design

At this point, I typically have the style of the website in mind. I like to build the design of the Home page and a few of the subsequent pages.

Step 4: Meet again with the Client.

We review the design I’ve created. This meeting is very valuable for me, because I’ll get a better sense of the clients likes and dislikes. It also helps the client visualize the end result. They truly see the possibilities for the website can be for their business.

This meeting is vey important for me to get the feedback from the client, I want them to see the direction I’m heading, if they are unhappy this is the perfect time to make adjustments.

Step 5: The remaining work on the website is completed.

Step 6: After it is approved, it is installed

This is a simplified version of the process, but all my projects follow this simple flow. All design and development is completed on my development website, so the client can review and approve it before it is released to the world.


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