Sueco Fuel Oil has a new Website

Today I would like to introduce a new website created for Sueco Fuel Oil.

Imagine you have a website where people can’t find what they are looking for on it?  That was the issue for Sueco Fuel.  The menu structure was very confusing.  They had forms that they needed their clients to find and complete but the clients could never find them.

When I’m designing a website the organization of that website is crucial.  I always envision someone in a hurry, trying to find the page or form they need within a minute or two. I use that as my guide to the organization of each and every website I do. The menu structure has to be well organized and concise so visitors can find what the need quickly.   I was happy to bring Sueco Fuel’s website to the next level.

Sueco Fuel Oil is a family owned and operated full service fuel oil company. They have been serving Westchester & Putnam counties for over 30 years. They had an existing website, but it was time for a fresh look. Does your website need an upgrade? I would be happy to discuss your options.


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