New WordPress Theme for Rock and A Soft Place

Whether you are maintaining your home, your car or even your website, there are certain times when you start getting hints that there are issues that need to be addressed. Although the Rock and A Soft Place clients were perfectly happy with their website and it served them well for several years, there were some backend issues with the WordPress theme that were warning us of potential problems.

So whether there is a rattle in your car or some issues with your website, it is important to listen to those gentle hints, before they become major issues.

My mission was to find another theme that had a very similar look and feel.

Whenever I’m doing these types of operations, I duplicate the existing website to my development server and use that duplicate to play with the various options. This provides the perfect mechanism for comparisons and keeps this testing work private until they are approved to release to the public. Plus, nothing compares with a live side by side comparison. Taking this technique allowed us to find the right new theme that was similar but in other ways much better than the old theme they were using.

Introducing the new and improved Rock and A Soft Place (RASP) website. This new theme delivers a great appearance, new features and is definitely faster.



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