B&W Landscaping

Every website is as different as the business it represents. And sometimes the website also has a background story as to how they became a client. B&W Landscaping became my client several years ago.  I took over the website maintenance from a friend that was retiring. I helped them for a year or two, then the owner at that time, wanted to try new marketing company. I took a backup of the website and stored it, as I do whenever a client leaves. Each business has to find the right arrangement that works best for them.

Last year the business was sold, and the new owner felt the larger marketing company was not a match for him.  We were able to restore the old website. Of course there were revisions to represent the new ownership and any outdated information.

Sometimes clients leave, and sometimes they come back. Just like the people that you meet in life, sometimes they are only in your life for a short time, others are with you always.

Best of luck Joe in your new business.

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