Routine Website Hosting Migration

It is very common to receive emails from your web hosting company. What is perhaps a little harder is to actually read and review these emails when they arrive. Thankfully the client is wonderful and forwarded this email to me when he received it. The email itself is good news because it means that goDaddy is upgrading their hosting to always improve the services they provide.

The problem began with the second paragraph: “The transition should’ve been seamless for you…”. Although all of the content was moved to the new location, all of the file permissions on the “New” hosting site were wrong. Making it completely impossible to update any of the files on the website when we needed to promote an upcoming event. Thankfully this group is always well prepared for upcoming announcements, so the problem was identified and eliminated easily.

So my advice to you is:

  • Open and read all emails from your web hosting company, if you don’t understand them forward them to your web developer or contact your web hosting company to be sure you understand them.
  • When you see an email discussing even the most minor changes to your website, attempt to make a simple change before you are on a big deadline, so any errors can be handled and eliminate quickly.
  • And most importantly visit your own website regularly to make sure everything is working as you expect.

Web hosting companies routinely install new software (which is good) but sometimes these changes impact the current functionality on your website and hurts the professional appearance of your website.

If you have any questions or would like Pathway Web Designs to review your website, please contact us today.



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