Time to Reorganize

I’ve always considered myself a very organized person and the excess stuff crowding my cabinets and closets has been bothering me. We’ve been in this house for almost 16 years, and so many of those years were really busy. When life is busy it is too easy to put things in a box and throw it in the basement or attic and say “I’ll go through it when I have time”.

But this year is different, with more meetings happening over Zoom, less time commuting to meetings and fewer social events to attend, there appears to be more time in my schedule.

We are also thinking of moving this year and I don’t want to take anything more than necessary to the next house. We’re staying in Dutchess County, NY but feel it is time to downsize.

So I’m on a mission to separate the things we’ll keep from the stuff we can donate or trash. As with any big project the hardest part is alway getting started. So we started in the attic, figuring that would be the easiest stuff to eliminate and it was. Some things were quick and easy things to donate like old blankets and old quilts. Other things took more time like the very precious artwork from my kids when they first started school. (I’m definitely keeping the best of those.) It is so important to review and edit the things you keep to reduce the quantity of the things and make it manageable.

All the clearing out and organizing techniques can also be applied to websites.

Has your business model changed? If you’ve been in business for over 5 years, your website may still have some things on it that you are no longer interested in doing.

Have you updated your Branding but not carried it to your website? Now may be the time to update and review of your website. You don’t necessarily have to do a whole new website, some times updating the theme or changing the color scheme can be done very easily and it make a huge impact.

You could start simple, review your content and start making the edits you need to make it match the website you’ve been dreaming you had. That will guide you to the next step, and so on.

Or you could decide to start from scratch and move from there.

As long as you are making progress and take that first step you will be happier.


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