Puzzle Pieces

Sometimes I feel like I’m gathering together pieces of a puzzle as I’m building a client’s website. You could throw a website together very quickly but the true test of a high quality website is how well it represents your business or organization.

Years ago, I was asked to build a website for a yoga studio, so of course, I looked at their old website before the meeting. It was very plain and dark. When I arrived to the studio for the first meeting, I was surprised by the bright and beautiful yoga studio. There was a total disconnect between the website and the studio is was supposed to represent. I made sure the website I built for them was just as beautiful as the yoga studio.

For that reason, I frequently like to visit the client’s business when I’m building a website. When I walk into the store I should have the same experience when I arrive at their website. And if I can get photos of the actual office, I’m super delighted.

Other puzzle pieces might be:

    • The Logo for the business or group
    • Photos of the employees or finished projects.
    • Photos for a photo gallery to demonstrate the finished work.
    • Should we gather email addresses for a newsletter?
    • Will there be events? Then a calendar might be useful.

By taking the time to address these questions, we can pull together all of the individual elements that will build a cohesive website to demonstrate all the amazing things about YOUR business or group and let it SHINE.


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