Happy 14th Anniversary

Happy 14th Anniversary!

It is hard to believe that 14 years ago this week, I officially started Pathway Web Designs.

Prior to that I had been helping a few friends and groups where I was a member with their websites with the idea of starting to work as a Freelance Web Developer.  I had much of the training needed from my many years working at AT&T but I wanted to see if this would be something I would enjoy.

Then finally the moment came where I said, “If I’m going to try this, now is the time!”.  I’m so glad I did!   

It has been a wonderful journey and I’ve learned so much.  It’s been great to see the evolution of websites over the last 14 years. And the people that I’ve met and helped have been wonderful. I truly enjoy working with the clients to develop something new while incorporating their preferences into the website.

I’ve built websites for so many professions: Plumbers, Contractors, Artists, Non-profits, Soccer Groups,  Musicians and many more.

To those clients that have trusted me to help them represent their business on the internet, it has been a wonderful experience.  Thank you.

Happy 14th Anniversary Pathway Web Designs!


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