New website for Smith Benefits Group

Smith Benefits Group

Introducing a new website for Smith Benefits Group, based in New Paltz, NY. They had a website but it was time for an update. Thankfully I had met the Vice President Arianna a few years ago and when she was looking for a new website, our paths crossed again through the recommendation of a mutual friend.

Typically when I start a new website, I ask the client, “What style of website do you like?”. Other times, I’ll ask them, “Is there is any website in my portfolio that they like most?”. Although I enjoy making something unique for every client, I like to ask to get a starting point. The answer will tell me if they like colorful websites or simple websites.

When I ask Arianna that question, she replied, “You do, what you do.” It reminds me of another client I had last year, Allison Bail Bonds, when she replied, “I don’t want to tell you anything specifically, I want to see what you will create”. I love those kind of answers.

When the client allows me to use the pieces of information they provide to create something unique, that allows me to be so much more creative.

You can visit the new website at:

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