Maintaining your Website is Essential

We did not develop the original website for The Sanctuary Series but we have been maintaining it since 2016. We’ve been monitoring the website, making adjustments, updates and adding new concerts for each new season.

The Sanctuary Series’ website was built in WordPress. Every WordPress website needs a Theme. The theme basically sets the style and format for the website. Then additional design elements are added on top of the theme to make it unique for each clients’ needs.

Over the last 5 years, there have been numerous software updates. In general, most themes are updated to stay current with the new software updates and removal of old features, other WordPress themes are retired. Sadly the old theme that was selected was no longer available and all the php software updates were showing approaching disaster if left unattended.

I can’t think of a better reason to justify website maintenance. Someone needs to audit your website regularly and make sure it continues working as you want it to work. If left unattended your website is subject to hackers or overall failure.

Thankfully we were watching the website for The Sanctuary Series, we saw those issues in the distance then made a plan to avoid them. We kept many of the same elements but increase the size of the home page slideshow images, expanded the page width, trimmed the top menu bar and prepared for the new Season for The Sanctuary Series where their mission is Music as Sanctuary.

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