Twelve Years in Business

Many years ago when I was ready to leave the corporate world, I had this plan to start a business that would build websites. So I started building a few websites to test the waters, to see if I liked it. I really enjoyed it. I liked the creative aspect and the technical challenges that often come with it. I’ve always loved puzzles and websites are simply gathering all the pieces of information about the client and designing one cohesive website.

Many small business owners need to understand the elements that are needed to build a website but don’t have a huge marketing budget. I help them understand all the website lingo and guide them as we pull together all the elements.

The business has grown steadily each year and I’m delighted to celebrate 12 years since my business officially began.

Most importantly, I’m grateful to all the clients that have trusted me with their websites and allowed me to help their business or group shine. Thank you!

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