Need replacement parts for your Vintage Porsche?

Imagine you love Vintage Porsche® Cars and you have a talent for repairing them. But in order to repair them you need to find those vintage parts from various locations and along the way you find other parts that might be handy to have for other repairs. As the years go by, you have collected many parts and start to see the value of all these parts you have accumulated. What do you do?

You decide you need a website to sell those extra parts to other people with that same passion for Porsches.

Client diagrams for the Home & Parts for Sale pages.

Frequently my challenge as a web designer is to help clients visualize how they would like to represent themselves as I build a website for them. Not for this project, here the client knew exactly the look he wanted.  He did his research and was prepared.  In fact, he actually supplied diagrams for the pages.

So my challenge was to match the website to his vision and make it a reality.  I have a new appreciation for the people that can make this beautiful cars run as smoothly as they look.



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