Your website is finished! Now what?

After the website design & development is complete, I’m sure you want your website to remain as beautiful as it is today. Too many times clients think ok, my website is done, I can check off that box and they think they can forget about it. Your website is an investment and it is so important to continue to monitor the investment you’ve made in your website and make sure you it receives routine maintenance.

Pathway Web Designs provides various levels of service depending on the client’s needs, for the purpose of this discussion I will break them into Three Service Levels.

Service Level 1: Some clients never, ever, ever want to touch their website. They are perfectly content to send me an email with new content or recent photos and I’ll make the requested updates for them.

Service Level 2: These clients want to learn how to do simple tasks themselves, perhaps update their services, change office hours or are interested in blogging. For these clients, I will tutor them and get them started. When they decide something is beyond their area of expertise, they’ll contact me and I’ll make the needed changes/adjustments for them. And if they get into trouble, I’ll fix it for them.

Service Level 3: These clients (graduates of Level 2) only contact me when they want a new feature or if they have a specific question and I’ll gladly help them. I become essentially their technical support.

Whether you are interested in Service Level 1, 2 or 3, Pathway Web Designs continues to monitor your website to make sure it is functioning properly, keeping all the software current and making sure the backups are working properly. And most importantly the investment you made in your website continues to work for you 24 hours / 7 days a week.

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