A Fresh Look for Pathway Web Designs

There comes a time when every website needs a fresh look.  And my website was no exception!

I built my old website from scratch, no WordPress, no CMS (Content Management Systems), just pure code with the help of a book giving me some clues and instructions to building your own blog.  It was a lovely combination of html, php, css & javascript with MySQL database calls.  I was very proud of it.  But that was many, many years ago.

Over the years it had been improved to handle mobile devices so my website would be responsive, and adapted to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is essential for future clients to find me.

To someone browsing the internet, if they came across my website, it was still working very well, but I was noticing the warning signs that at some point it would fail.  It is very rare that websites simply stop working, there are clues that the website is giving you when things are getting bad.  That’s why I frequently visit all of my clients websites, listen to what they are telling me and develop a plan to avoid any obstacles.  I’ve alerted clients dying themes, plugin conflicts and many other issues.  Your website is telling you about its aches and pains, you just need to look for the clues.

These last 2 weeks seemed like the perfect time to make the move.  This time of year is often the quietest for my business.  I have several active projects, but people take vacations and things slow down.

I’ve kept my trademark pathway photos added a few embellishments.  And there will be additional pages being added in the near future, but for now I know my website is safe and healthy.  I hope you enjoy it.


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