Who do you call?

Imagine it’s one of those busy work days, where you have the whole day booked, you want to load a new post to your blog then go to the next item on your agenda, but your website stops cooperating. A simple process that you’ve done at least 50 times before is suddenly not working. Do you simply accept it and continue to live with it? What if this causes something else to stop working? But, you don’t have time to call your web hosting company and spend the next hour on the phone.

What are your other options? You could contact Irene at Pathway Web Designs.

For example, this week one of my clients had a problem with the WordPress Editor. In this instance there was a software conflict that caused the editor to stop working properly, she couldn’t activate a link or switch to the Text Editor Screen. I was able to identify the issue and eliminate the plugin that caused the problem and fortunately the client no longer needed this plugin. If the functionality of that plugin was still needed, I would have found another plugin to replace it.

Dealing with these types of issues (thankfully not often) has helped me eliminate these types of problems quickly. Next time your website isn’t working correctly, contact Irene at Pathway Web Designs to resolve the issue.

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