Tittmann Design + Consulting

Introducing the new Tittmann Design + Consulting Website.

A website is an investment, similar to the investment in a home (of course, on a much smaller scale).  As with a home, there are certain types of maintenance and repairs that need to be performed to keep everything working properly.  Their website was working properly but there were some maintenance issued that needed to be addressed.

And to use one more analogy, styles of websites change, just as fashions change from year to year.  It was time to update the overall look of the website.

With every project, with every website design, I take the pieces available to build something unique. The best solution for this project was a very subtle design to let the images shine.  To draw the visitor into the beautiful images of the completed projects.  The style of this website is completely inline with the style of the work they do for their clients, sophisticated and elegant.

As much as I would love to take all the credit for everything related to this website, the true star of this website are the stunning photos that the business has gathered over the years.  I merely supplied the vehicle to let the tremendous inventory of breathtaking photos do all the talking.

We also added some new features including:

  • Galleries for Kitchens, Stairs, Bathrooms, Showers & Pools.  This can help future clients in the decision making process for their projects. When a kitchen or bathroom catches your eye, there is a link attached to each photo to allow you to view the entire project.
  • Promote Collaborations with other Businesses:  The Interior Designers, Pool Designers & Landscape Architects.

Websites are so visual, and the collection of images of their completed projects will continue to do all the work to promote Tittmann Design + Consulting for many years to come.

Feel free to visit the website: https://www.tittmann.com



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