Introducing PGChadwick.com

Introducing a new website for Phyllis & Greg Chadwick. This husband and wife team are both very creative but in totally different areas. My goal with this project was to develop a website that would provide a simple backdrop for their work and let their abilities to shine.

Phyllis has a passion for all types of artwork including photography, drawing, painting, calligraphy and so much more. Since Phyllis has a collection of individual items that she wanted to feature, I used an online product catalog style website to showcase her artwork.

Greg has expertise in woodworking from cabinets, wall units, wood accents and all things that can be build with wood. Most of his projects require specific dimensions and an individualized consultation so a photo gallery or portfolio layout suited him better.

Although they both develop different items, Pathway Web Designs developed a unique website based on the needs.



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