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More images added to the portfolios of Allison Grace Design

Posted: Aug 23, 2017 10:58 AM   By: Irene Alcoforado

As your business grows, it is important that you show those signs of growth on your website. We all have websites to draw more business, but as you complete each new project, do you take the time to update your website? If you don't take the time to visit your own website to keep it current, why should your customers want to visit it a second or a third time? You need to update it, refresh it and make it interesting for people to visit again.

A perfect example is the portfolio of Residential and Commercial images for Allison Grace Design. I've worked Allison for years, and she periodically emails me images to be added to her portfolio. She has an great routine of adding to her website.

Do you have some new accomplishments that you would like added to your existing website? I would be happy to discuss those updates with you and help you make them a reality.

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