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Posted: Jun 28, 2016 2:55 PM   By: Irene Alcoforado

I am so delighted with this new website for Inner Balance Studio.

Before I met with the owners at Inner Balance the first time, I reviewed their old website. It was nice enough but it was dark and limited to 5 pages. Then I went to the Studio and I was in total shock. Their studio was so beautiful and the pictures on the website didn't do enough to show the beauty of the studio.

Your website is often the first encounter clients have with your business or group. It should prepare them for the experience of walking into your office. Visit the website: and then visit the Studio and you will see what I mean.

They offer Yoga Classes, Fitness Classes, Massage Therapy plus Pilates, Reiki and even Book Clubs. They really have a beautiful space and offer wonderful classes.

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