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Pathway in the Autumn Park

The Website Creation Process with Pathway Web Designs.

Posted: Jan 10, 2014 7:05 AM   By: Irene Alcoforado

Starting the Web Design Process is often very challenging for clients. There are so many choices and options. Rather than getting overwhelmed stay focused on specifics initially. Focus on these key points:

What do you want to accomplish on the web?

What style of websites do you like? What style don't you like?

What information do you want to share on the web?

Usually during this discussion, I like to review the websites that the client prefers. Listening to the client as they discuss the websites mentioned. This is so critical to determine their preferences and their dislikes.

My favorite type of projects are the ones where the client tells me their needs and they trust me to invent a brand new site especially for them. Just to use my creativity and develop something unique and special for them.

Although not incredibly high-tech, the next step involves a sketch or rough layout of the website on a Word Document or even a piece of paper. This phase of the project might involve several iterations and discussions.

When the client is pleased with the overall plan for the website, I ask for a deposit for the work on the website to continue, usually about 50-60% of the overall project costs. Larger projects might have a installment plan price structure.

When the development of the website proceeds, I put the Draft version of the website in a sub-directory on my website so that the client can review it, think about it, review it again, show it to friends, spouse, to get feedback.

Any adjustments and revisions would be handled at this point.

Once the site is approved by the client, they can obtain the web-hosting site and domain name. The remainder of the money is due at the completion of the project and prior to the website being loaded onto the official website of the client. When payment is complete, the website is moved to the official location.

This is the process start to finish.

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