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    Topic Posted: Nov 2, 2021 05:37PM
    By: Irene Alcoforado

    Website: https://lobofit.com

I'm happy to introduce a new website for Lobofit Strength & Conditioning in Wappingers Falls.

Every website has the same elements: menus, photos, content and colors. But the way those elements are placed on the website can have a substantial impact on the overall website design.

It is also important to pull the emotion or feel of the business especially as you prepare the client for the experience of walking in that front door.

Lobofit specializes in CrossFit. Cross Fit by definition is a high intensity strength and conditioning workout. So pastel colors or light colors would never work. It was time for loud, bold colors and we delivered it in the website. We needed to capture the energy that you will feel as you walk through that front door. The blue captures the future strength that your body will possess and the coral is a vibrant color to represent the energy required.

The website itself is a simple one page design, with menu tabs to bring you to the section you need. It also provides the ability to sign up or simply ask a few questions.

We wish Greg and his team continued success in his business.

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